Walter Zielinski LMT

“I had a neck stiffness problem while training for walking in the Breast Cancer 3-day and Walt fixed my neck so I had full mobility again. I plan to hire Walt again when and if I have this problem again.” August 9, 2010 - Sandra O., Maple Hts.

“Walt is a great massager. He is very interested in his clients needs and taylors his massage to what will help you the most. He is very professional and really cares about his clients.” March 21, 2010 - Ken H., Rocky River

"Last year when I was experiencing pain in my left leg and left hip I came to
Walt for help. His application of Myofascial Release techniques were just
what I needed. It took several sessions and applications over my whole body.
Prior to my treatments I would have pain levels of 7-8 just walking to the
mailbox and back. Now I can walk, ride my scooter, bowl and play pool all
pain free. Thanks Walt!" February 3, 2011 - Ed D., Akron

"Walt is one of the most thorough, compassionate and skilled Masso-therapists I have worked with. He uses a detailed, scientific approach and goes above and beyond to get the results he wants and the patient needs." February 3, 2011 - Ty D., Cleveland

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