Walter Zielinski LMT


My name is Walt Zielinski and I'm a registered licensed massage therapist with the Medical Board of the state of Ohio. Besides giving great relaxing and therapeutic massages, I am also certified to perform Upper and Lower Body Myofascial Release Massage. Fascia surrounds your muscles and bones and the matrix portion of the fascia tends to thicken like glue over time so that movement is restricted or stopped. Myofascial Release Massage stretches the matrix and returns it to it’s original elastic and liquid state. The result to your body is that the bones and muscles are allowed to return to their original position and move with less effort. People who work at desks for prolonged periods of time or work in unusual positions for prolonged periods of time, like dentists, musicians or singers could benefit from this modality.

Just added, paraffin treatments for hands and feet.  If you suffer from dry skin or arthritis, this treatment will moisturize dry skin and help relieve joint aches and pains.

If you have any questions or would like to make an appointment for consultation or treatment, please call Walt at 440-655-5079.

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